Hello to all my past, present and future patients. Due to COVID-19, we are all experiencing uncertainty in our lives and must adapt to protect ourselves and our families. This is ultimately the most important thing and our top priority. Without our health, we have nothing else. Because I cherish each one of you, I have decided to take a few  precautions  and  change some protocols to protect you and those that I work with. One of the precautions we have implemented is that my team and I, would not be traveling to all recovery locations  (FIND RECOVERIES HOUSE THAT WE TRAVEL IN FAQ) until COVID-19 is no longer a threat. This will allow us to cut our exposure to unnecessary risk. The second precaution that I (Coraito's) have implemented is utilizing a driving service for our patients' appointments. A driver, with no added cost, will pick patients up from their recovery place (MAKE SURE THIS LOCATION (Airbnb,hotels) DO NOT EXCEED MORE THAN 5 MILES FROM THE SQUEEZE LADY LOCATION AT 9835 Sunset drive Miami, FL 33173 )  and return them after their appointment.  If your Hotel/airbnb is more than 5 miles we would be able to send our Team, Florida licensed Therapist (only female) to give that service to the comfort of your place.( For all the travel questions and concerns please check our FAQ) In Both cases secured precautions would be taking , as wearing Mask mandatory all the time and social distance practicing . Unfortunately, at our office we are not allowing any patients to bring guests with them when they attend their appointment. We must put these measures into place as an  abundance of caution because your health, safety, and well being are #1 to us!