What is a Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

It’s a type of therapy that reduces swelling, minimize pain and bruising, eliminate fluid retention and prevent fibrosis after any cosmetic procedure.

How many Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) or post op drainage do I need?

You would need between 3 to 6 MLD during the first week, beginning the very next day after surgery unless your Doctor advised you otherwise. Keep in mind, every Doll's body responds differently. Some will need more and some will need less. It just depends on how well your body responds.

How long is the Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

The MLD will last usually 30 min but in some cases could be less. This will all depend on each individual's pain level or some other medical condition that could be counterproductive to the Doll’s health!

Do I need a Manual Lymphatic Drainage after a tummy tuck procedure?

Yes, the MLD after a tummy tuck is very important. A few of the most important reasons it is needed is to help to reduce scar tissue, diminish bruising and increase circulation. The lymphatic massage stimulates the immune system, improving your overall health and increasing your healing rate.

How soon I should start the MLD after the surgery?

You should have your MLD already scheduled prior to surgery and your appointment for the very next day after surgery.

Does the Squeeze lady travel throughout all of Miami-Dade County?

Unfortunately, after covid-19 for safety reasons The squeeze lady (Coraito) is longer traveling.

The squeeze lady only provide services from her office located at Body Glam by Mercy, 9835 sunset drive Miami, FL 33173 ( by appointment only).

We provide free transportation if you are 5 miles or closer to our location or you can arrange your own transportation Monday to friday.

The good news is, The Squeeze lady has a TEAM OF THEERAPIST all female and we travel to all this Area:

Kendall area

Sunset area

Bird Road area

Coral Way area

Doral area

Key Biscayne area

Brickell area

Miami spring area

Bayshore area

Miami airport area

We DO NOT travel to the following areas: Aventura area Miami Beach area Broward county Palm beach county

If you have any question please feel free to contact us at thesqueezelady@gmail.com.

Any recommendation for a private care?

The private care that I recommend is Medmiami or instagram @med_miami_

Recoveries House that we travel ?

We travel to: *Dream house airbnb *Ava’s house *Divine beauty Recovery House *Sassy Queens (Angels recovery house) *Divine recovery house