Meet Our CEO

Yazna Corao MA92142


In 1988 I began working in the pharmaceutical field. Being one of the youngest in this field, I learned and quickly grew. Before I knew it I had become a businesswoman in my native country, Venezuela. As time went on Venezuela's political climate changed dramatically. I was forced to decide between leaving or staying. While making plans to move to the United States of America, my aunt, who owns an aesthetics school offered to pay for my studies. With a heavy heart, I left Venezuela to start my new life. Little did I know this decision would lead me to a whole new journey. 


I worked hard. Very hard. Lots of hours and long days. I was lucky to have a good support system that allowed me to excel in my career. As opportunities presented themselves I gravitated towards medical-massage. Once again, things began to unfold and before I knew it 13 years came and went. During those years I worked with over 25 plastic surgeons and many clinics. I have performed, in excess of 4000 to 5000 post-op drainage massage to date. 

Because of my years of experience, I have become an accomplished, experienced and a well-known therapist in South Florida. I have been given the nickname “THE SQUEEZE LADY”, “SQUEEZE LIKE A LEMON ” and “THE LEMON LADY”.


I pride myself on utilizing different techniques during the therapy sessions. During my years of learning, I have come to the conclusion that in order for a patient to have a speedy recovery you need to share your heart and soul. You need to be honest, share good and healing energy, communicate openly and most of all laugh with your patients. Laughter and friendliness goes a long way when someone is not feeling like themselves.


In the last decade, plastic surgery has exploded and is one of the top money-making businesses in Miami, Florida. My patients should feel comfortable and confident that they will have one of the best therapists taking care of them. “THE SQUEEZE LADY” is like no other therapist around.